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Photo Gallery
  1. A high energy wedding reception with a Craig Daniel live band package.
  2. Candid photo of Craig Daniel interacting with an audience member.
  3. Craig Daniel & The Distractions! live band performs for a gala event.
  4. A quick photo before performing ceremony music.
  5. Craig Daniel, Live! solo performance.
  6. Craig Daniel Hybrid Weddings are a great combination of live music and DJ entertainment.
  7. A lively crowd responds to a public performance.
  8. Celebrating a big day with some reception dancing.
  9. Performing a wedding reception with a three piece band.
  10. Craig Daniel Hybrid Reception package.
  11. Ready for some cocktail hour music.
  12. Craig Daniel performing on electric guitar for a wedding reception.
  13. Introductions at a wedding reception with a Craig Daniel three piece band package.
  14. First Dance performance at a wedding reception.
  15. Craig Daniel live concert band performance.
  16. Craig Daniel Signature Disc Jockey Entertainment is ready to perform.
  17. Craig Daniel Signature Hybrid Receptions share in the celebration.
  18. Craig Daniel & The Distractions perform a live concert event.
  19. Celebrating on the dance floor at a lively wedding
  20. Getting involved with the crowd at a fun wedding reception.
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