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1. What time will you show up for our event?

Depending on the type of event you have hired us for, our arrival time will vary. Generally for all wedding events, our sound and lighting team arrives approximately three to four hours from the first scheduled performance, be it ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception. For casual parties, we arrive between one and two hours prior to the scheduled performance time. 

2. Do we need to provide anything for your performance?

Yes.... but not much...  We need the proper spatial area for the service you have hired. You can find our minimum spatial requirements upon our Company Policy Form (available for download.)  We will discuss how much space we need upon booking if it exceeds the minimum requirements. You also need to provide us electricity within 50 feet of our stage or performing space. Electricity requirements at minimum are one 15amp vacant circuit, however, some of our productions require two 15amp or one 20amp circuits. We will let you know upon booking. 

3. Do you require meals to be provided? 

Though it is obviously appreciated, we do not require you to provide or purchase meals for our performers or production crew. We just kindly ask our clients to let us know if meals will, or will not, be 
provided so we can make arrangements for our team.

4. How come I can't find any prices anywhere on your website? 

We completely understand how frustrating it is to find something you may be interested in,
and not see a price... anywhere! What is the point of falling in love with a product or service only 
to find it falls outside of your budget.

Fortunately, we have package options that fit most varying budgets. From performing
small backyard events to large banquet galas, it is likely you will find a price and option
that will fit your taste and budget.

However, due to the unique paramaters of each event, such as where an event occurs, how much sound or lighting equipment is needed to accomodate the amount of guests, logistical concerns such as requiring our team to transport equipment up two flights of stairs to the venue's stage, we need
to gather these important details to quote you an accurate price.

We do not believe in posting radically inexpensive prices online to grab your attention, only to

inflate the price with "requirements not included" later on. Hey, we're consumers too! So 
the quote you receive is the TOTAL price of your package you select. No administration fees, no
"not available anymore" tricks, just an honest price quote with integrity.

5. What attire will you wear during performance and setup? 

Our packages offer attire to fit the occasion, however, you can always request more or less formal attire if you prefer.  For weddings, our performers wear tuxedos and our tech staff wear black dress shirts and pants. For indoor events such as holiday parties, graduations, showers, our performers wear a mix of shirts with blazers and pants, or vests and buttondown shirts. For casual parties and outdoor events, our performers may wear collered shirts with khakis, jeans, or shorts. (Please note - our setup and breakdown attire for our sound and lighting crew may be different than our performing attire. )

6. How loud will your performance be? Can we turn it down if necessary? 

We try very hard to perform at a volume that most will find pleasing and comfortable, but with the proper dynamics to create energy when needed.  We tend to begin events softly, and gradually build volume as guests acclimate to the party. As people become involved with the entertainment, we obviously will increase the volume to "performance level" which is typically the loudest volume we will operate.

We do allow our clients to request volume adjustments to the minimum sound we can perform, however when we have live bands with acoustic drums for instance, there is obviously a minimum level that a percussionist can play even without amplification equipment.

Unfortunately, comfortable volume levels are completely subjective and personal... usually someone would like the volume to be louder or softer at any given time of your event. We generally do not make adjustments in volume request from guests or banquet staff...  only our direct clients... so if you have any guests that are concerned about the volume, we will direct them to you to make a decision, and you can let us know and we will be happy to accomodate.

7. Our banquet facility requires us to hire vendors only with insurance. Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured with insurances required by most banquet halls and locations. We carry  standard general liability and workers compensation insurance policies and can provide proof of insurance to you or your facility upon request.

8. How can we pay for your entertainment services? Do you take credit cards or charge any fees?

You can make payments via cash, check, or money order. Depending when your event occurs from the initial time of your booking, a 25% or 50% deposit will be required to secure the date.  Balance payments will generally be due between one and twenty one days prior to the performance. Your performance agreement issued upon booking will display the due dates.  

We currently do accept credit cards at no additional fee, but for deposit payments only. Balance payments must be made via cash, money order, or check.

(Please note, personal checks are required to be received at least ten days prior to the event date.)

9. We would like to meet with you prior to booking or before our event.  Is that possible?

Yes! We are happy to meet with you at your home, or a location you prefer, at no charge to discuss our services with you. We proudly offer a no-pressure approach to meeting with potential clients and can explain our services and packages in detail. 

Some of our packages offered also include a pre-event in person consultation as well to plan your celebration. If a service you have purchased does not include a pre-event consultation and you would like to have one, we can provide that for an additional fee.

(Please note - Our in-person sales meetings or consultations must be located within a 50-mile radius of our home office in Jackson, NJ.)

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